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Private equity in online deals
Private equity, angel funding, seed funding, Shocking negative hostile takeover tactics, talent acquisition tactics used in the indian internet sector
On 18 March 2016, Times of India on its cover page carried the news of the IPO of the ecommerce website Infibeam making it one of the few indian internet companies which is publicly listed in the stock exchange, with, justdial, makemytrip the most high profile of the publicly listed companies. The indian internet sector is unique because most of the companies are privated limited companies unlike other sectors like electronics, transport, clothes, fabric business, hotels, which are usually proprietorship. These companies are in business for a long period of time and rarely face any problem at all.

Though the indian internet sector is small, most companies are usually limited liability companies because of a dark secret of the indian internet sector, which few are willing to acknowledge or know about . The indian internet sector is closely linked with intelligence and security agencies who have no qualms abusing their great powers to file complete fake cases against harmless business owners to leave the business owner penniless, making the business a target for hostile takeover or to acquire talent and technology cheaply. To avoid losing his hard earned money, most business owners will form a private limited company usually with a family member or close friend.

While in the electronics and other sectors most small businesses are proprietorships, in the indian internet sector, large companies allegedly google, tata specialize in framing and filing fake cases against small business owners, especially those who specialized and experienced. These fake cases are filed only to waste the time, extort money, and ruin the reputation of the small business owner. In some cases, intelligence agency officials help these large companies in filing fake cases against the small business owners, ruining their reputation, cunningly pretending to help the business owner, taking decisions on their behalf, while systematically denying the business owner any information or giving the business owner a chance to defend herself or himself.

These completely fake cases without proof filed against the business owner are used to defame, cheat, torture and exploit the harmless innocent online business owner for the rest of his or her life. When these officials and companies are refusing to provide details of even a single case that has been filed to the business owner who they are defaming, why should the business owner accept her guilt. If any fraud or liar make completely fake allegations against a person he or she has never interacted with to extort money, why should the person falsely accused accept his or her guilt?

Usually thes large companies and officials will file fake cases against individuals who are not well connected and are vulnerable like single woman, non brahmins . So most online small business owners will form a limited liability company often giving a stake in the business to well connected individuals who will protect them from fake cases and other kinds of harassment by government officials. While money can be one reason why a small business owner will look for angel, seed or private equity funding, there are other advantages like networking, reduced harassment, better marketing, leads and orders as the well connected investors try to increase the returns on their investment.

However some business owners do not want to lose control over their business, for which they have made great sacrifices for decades. So even during a financial crisis they do not take any financial help from private equity firms or investors, living a frugal life, making sacrifices. However large firms are determined to force the business owner to give a stake in their business, and increasingly since 2012 hitech torture weapons have been misused to cause great pain to the harmless small business owner to cause financial losses, and make it difficult to earn a fair living. Any organization which can help end the daily human rights abuses on harmless civilians, especially small online business owners, causing great pain, memory loss, insomnia, wastage of tax payer money, can send an email to
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